About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, registered with the Mississippi Secretary of State since 2007. Our purpose is to provide a home for men and women transitioning from a drug and alcohol treatment facility, in drug court, or coming out of prison for drug related crimes. Most of our clients are referrals from these agencies.

The founder, Ricky Charlton, is in recovery and is dedicated to serving the recovery community in Jackson County, MS. When helping to establish a drug court aftercare locally, it became apparent that there was a great need for transitional housing in the area. The building that housed Mr. Charlton construction company became a housing unit for clients.  With the referral of his first client in March of 2007 from Jackson County drug court, Stillwaters was formed. 

Stillwaters continues to grow and we have purchased several homes. Presently, we have two women's houses and one house for men.   

At Stillwaters, we believe that there is a gap between addiction and recovery that consists of spirituality, environment, support, and community. Through the years our facility continues to grow to fill in the blanks of that gap.

We are blessed to have many sound resources in the areas of counseling and support as friends of Stillwaters.