Stillwaters Transition Home

Testimonials and Support

"Ricky Charlton and Stillwater’s transition home played a vital role in my life and recovery and are playing that same role for so many others."
Karen Stewart
Stillwater's Graduate

Stillwaters at Riverside is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that has been in operation since 2007. Our purpose is to provide a home for men and women who want recovery who are (a) transitioning from a drug and alcohol treatment facility (b) in Drug Court, or (c) coming out of prison for drug related crimes.

Our goal is to provide  men and women who desire recovery an opportunity to realize that freedom from addiction is absolutely attainable. Breaking free from the isolation, habits, and bondage of addiction is an enormous undertaking in and of itself. One of our primary goals is to remove from them the added burden of finding a safe place to live as they begin this journey; and secondly, to provide the guidance and support that is crucial to success.

Bulletin Board

"Helping clients become loving, resposible, productive members of society".


You will be greatly missed 

"George Shaddock"

"Thomas Millette"


George Shaddock  & Thomas Millette


604 Ingalls Ave Pascagoula Ms 39567

Ricky Charlton 

(228) 627-3062