Our Home

Our Home

Our home and its security, structure, and environment are top priority to us. The guidelines and policies we have in place are focused on maintaining a home that is peaceful and conducive to recovery.

There are weekly house meetings where staff and clients gather in a relaxed, open environment. These meetings are very client focused. In this setting they are taught to identify and deal with the many issues and stumbling blocks that arise in early recovery. During this time, individual goals are addressed and conflicts regarding them solved. Conflicts among the men and women are addressed, giving them new relational skills and perspective.

Upon entering each client’s needs are assessed and a general plan is developed regarding employment, legal issues, status of children, family issues, as well as educational opportunities. Many of our clients enroll and complete school. A large part of our approach utilizes the widely recognized 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous, coupled with participation in local churches that support and encourage them as well. We have found that this has proven itself to be more than enough.

Our first home itself seemed almost destined for its purpose. Purchased in 1999, in foreclosure, it too was on its last leg. After many years of slow and steady TLC, it has emerged a beautiful home that has seen a lot of life and changes. For many years it was a popular after hours bar for the workers of Ingalls; there are rumors it was a brothel at one time. Redemption comes, it seems, when and where God would have it.

Actually, all of the homes we purchase for Stillwaters require lots of work and TLC and each deveops into a beautiful home where lives are changed daily.  

Jeff Bates, singer/songwriter, frequent guest and friend of Stillwaters, in his song “He Wasn’t Like Us”, tells of the redemptive love of Jesus Christ and its impact.

“They were boozers and losers and low class broads
But He saw good in them, nobody else saw
And He brought it out…” 
To hear this song in it's entirety visit.. http://youtu.be/kjiTVZ6b-t4